Eve Isham, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator (CV)

Dr. Eve IshamDr. Isham's research interests include the behavioral and neural basis of time perception across  different states of consciousness, functions of consciousness, and action-based decision-making. Dr. Isham is also interested in aesthetic experiences, perceptual illusions, and the science of magic. She is a member of the UA Evelyn McKnight Institute and the Cognitive Science GIDP.




Brian Lord 

Doctoral Candidate

Brian graduated with a B.S. in Biopsychology from Oglethorpe University and an M.A. in Psychology from the University of West Georgia. He is interested in the neural basis of timing and consciousness. His current research investigates how the heart and brain coordinate to regulate interval timing and the sense of the experienced moment. Outside of research, Brian likes meditating, creating music, and long walks on the beach.




Sara Lomayesva

Lab Manager/Research Assistant

Sara graduated from the University of Arizona's Neuroscience and Cognitive Science BS program in May 2018 with an emphasis on Cognition. She is currently completing an online MS in Forensic Psychology through Arizona State University. Her research interests range from the role of agency in crime, to the effects of depression and anxiety on the perception of time and volition, to Dark Triad personality development and ethology. Sara enjoys boxing, yoga, and cuddling with her cat, Cerebellum (Bella), when she's not in the lab.




Andrew McAvan

Research Specialist

Andrew McAvanAndrew graduated from the University of Arizona with a BS in Psychology in 2018, during which he was part of Dr. Connie Beck's Psychology, Policy, and Law lab and Dr. William "Jake" Jacobs' Anxiety Research Group. He works in conjunction with the Human Spatial Cognition Lab with Dr. Arne Ekstrom. He is interested in time perception and frames of references in desktop and virtual reality environments, and currently programs in Unity and C# scripting to create those environments. Outside of the lab, he spends his free time hiking and playing tabletop games.




Undergraduate Honors Students

Hannah Gaffney

Hannah GaffneyHannah is a senior Honors student graduating in May 2020 with a BA in Psychology and minor in Adolescents, Community, and Education. Her research interests include consciousness and perceptions of time and space. In her free time, Hannah enjoys cooking, volunteering, and being involved in various clubs on campus.





Jessica Summers

Jessica is an sophomore Honors student planning on graduating with a BS in Psychology and a minor in Chinese from the University of Arizona. She is interested in studying time perception and consciousness in adolescents with cognitive and mental health disorders. She plans on attending graduate school in the years to come to pursue her interest in developmental psychology and cognition.




Kintaro Richards

Kintaro is a freshman honors student in the Neuroscience and Cognitive Science major. He is interested in computation and cognition. He hopes to pursue research into consciousness as well as cognition and perception. He also has a background in information technology. In his free time, Kintaro loves to play guitar as well as recording and producing music.





Undergraduate Research Assistants

Qihan Hu

Qihan HuQihan is pursuing a BS in Psychology at the University of Arizona. Her research interests range from the conscious experience of time to clinical psychology and mental health. In her free time, she enjoys having good cup of tea, traveling, and learning about different people and cultures.






Tayvian Buckhouse

Tayvian is a junior graduating with a BS in Psychological Sciences. She is interested in researching consciousness, mental health, and time perception. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games, making coffee, and doing makeup.





Mahmoud Wahab

Mahmoud is an undergraduate student majoring in Physiology and minoring in Arabic. He is interested in human mental health and neuroscience. He hopes to pursue a career as a physician in either neurology or psychiatry with a possibility of continuing work as a researcher in human mental health and its relationship to physiology.





Claudia Dickson

Claudia is completing a BA in Psychology at the University of Arizona and is graduating in December of 2020. Afterward, she is planning on pursuing her PhD. Through her work in the lab, Claudia hopes to gain more knowledge of research and decide whether to pursue clinical or experimental psychology in the future. For leisure, Claudia likes to travel, garden, cook, and play strategy games. 




Sean Williams

Sean is a freshman honors student in the University of Arizona's Pre-Neuroscience/Cognitive Science program. In the future, he hopes to study the causes and treatments of mental illnesses and possibly work as a clinical psychiatrist. In his free time, Sean enjoys listening to and collecting many different kinds of music.






Graduate Students


Undergraduate Honors Students

NORA RADY - Class of 2019

HANNAH GAFFNEY - Class of 2020



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